The Harley-Davidson V-Rod® Lineup Offers Drag Race Inspired Performance

The signature feature of the Harley-Davidson models in the V-Rod® Series is the famous Revolution® engine that Harley-Davidson developed with Porsđậy for a superxe đạp project. Now Riders from the Los Angeles, Riverside, và Inland Empire, CA areas can get access lớn this awesome performance in a drag inspired street-legal bike here at Riverside Harley-Davidson. With stripped down style, high-performance features, và the distinctive sầu drag-oriented fat rear tire, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod® is like nothing else on the road. Read on to lớn find out more about the available V-Rod® models.

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V-Rod Muscle®

Harley-Davidson doesn’t always post power output figures, because many models aren’t really about all-out acceleration. In the case of the street-legal drag-race models like the V-Rod Muscle®, Harley-Davidson says that the 1250cc Revolution® engine makes 122 hp & 86 lb-ft of torque – a ton of power – which goes khổng lồ a huge 240mm rear tire khổng lồ deliver stunning acceleration.

The V-Rod Muscle® also gets drag-style handle-bars with a minimalist instrument cluster, performance-oriented 43milimet inverted forks, and high-performance Brembo® brakes with ABS for when you finally need to lớn slow down. The bike also features integrated mirror-mounted LED turn signals, a side-mounted license plate holder for a clean look, and the smart “slipper” clutch that makes it easy to downshift when riding all-out.

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Night Rod® Special

The Night Rod® Special is a lot like the V-Rod Muscle®, but its 1250cc Revolution® water-cooled V-twin is tuned to lớn produce 125 hp & 84 lb-ft of torque. The Night Rod® also gets some stylistic and performance-oriented features. A fastbachồng tail delivers more drag strip ready performance. The distinctive black low-rise handle-bars provide a very aggressive riding position. The streamlined front kết thúc with sleek headlamp & color matched speedscreen makes a real performance-oriented impression.

The Night Rod® also gets essentially blacked-out componentry. The only pieces of the bike that remain silver are the brake rotors và the double-barrel brushed aluminum exhaust. The custom look of the Night Rod® Special will definitely turn heads.