Ben thanh market

If Dong Xuan Market is a cultural feature of Hanoi in the North, Ben Thanh hao Market is one of the chất lượng features of Saigon in the South Vietphái mạnh that every tourist will gain chất lượng experiences when visiting. With diverse choices of traditional food, handicrafts, clothes, souvenirs, purses và friendly vendors, wandering around Ben Thanh hao Market is a must-bởi vì experience, especially for foreigners visiting Ho Chi Minch City. Here’s a guide khổng lồ help you get around Ben Thanh hao Market once you visit it.

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History of Ben Thanh khô Market


Ben Tkhô giòn Market is one of the oldest markets in Ho Chi Minc City và one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietphái nam. This destination should not be missed when coming khổng lồ the thành phố of more than 300 years old. Visitors can explore many colorful stalls lớn buy food, souvenirs & costumes, fabrics.

The market has a history dating back khổng lồ the early 17 century, with its original as a meeting place for small businesses selling goods on the street near the Ben Thanh khô River (now it is Saigon River). In 1870, the French colonial government officially named the area Les Halles Centrales (or Central Market). The market was moved into a new building in 1912 with the new name of Ben Tkhô nóng Market.


Images of Formerly Ben Thanh hao Market.

However, in 1914 the market was relocated khổng lồ a more central location to lớn what was then near My Tho Railway Station (current Saigon bus station) and again renamed as the “New Ben Thanh hao Market” khổng lồ distinguish from its predecessor. In 1985, the new one was renovated to keep up with the city’s progress, yet the famous clock tower on the south entrance was left unchanged. Despite the restorations over time, the market remains one of the earliest surviving structures of Saigon – having witnessed war after war, & finally peace.

Location and opening hours

Ben Tkhô nóng Market possesses one of the most crucial locations in District 1 – the intersection of Phan Boi Chau, Phan Chu Trinc, Le Tkhô nóng Ton streets và Quach Thi Trang construction site. So you can say that all roads lead lớn Ben Tkhô cứng.

Opening HoursBen Thanh Market: 06.00 AM – 18.00 PMBen Tkhô hanh Night Market: 18.00 PM – đôi mươi.00 PM

During Tet (Chinese New Year), Ben Tkhô giòn Market is open, however almost shops are closed. It will also be less crowded, so it is a perfect time to explore the quite Ben Thanh market which is decorated with gorgeous lights và flowers. It is a sight lớn enjoy!

What to lớn buy at Ben Tkhô cứng Market


Ben Thanh hao Market has 4 main gates và 12 entrances. The main front gate or the south gate is on Le Loi Street, the North on Le Thanh hao Ton Street, the East on Phan Boi Chau Street, và the West on Phan Chu Trinh Street. The main entrance is famous for the big clochồng tower which is the iconic symbol of Ben Tkhô hanh Market. It’s a chance lớn truly get stuchồng in with the locals and kiểm tra your bargaining skills. It’s a very different experience if you come from Europe or America & are so used lớn fixed priced items that the idea of bargaining never comes lớn mind.– Clothes: Near the entrance, you can find rows of colorful textiles and clothing. You can buy different kind of clothes, even the traditional “Ao Dai” costume & “Non La” – a Vietnamese conical hat you often see people wearing on the street. You also can find them selling mosquito nets, hammocks, embroidery, and even bedding.– Accessories: jewelry, watches, bags, wallets, handicrafts are sold in the East Gate side.– Souvenirs: a paradise of many stalls for gifts, ceramics, handicrafts và art will be found on the West Gate side of the market.– Food: you can buy a lot of Vietnamese packaged food and specialties here such as coffee beans, tea, fish sauces, & dried goods in the East side of the market. They sell different varieties of coffee to lớn take with you baông xã home, available for purchase by the kilo. Phin filters are also available (và make wonderful gifts) for you to lớn use every time you want to lớn make your morning coffee in Vietnamese way. Fresh food with a variety of fishes và meat, processed food và fruits are sold at the North side. You can also find flower shop at this side. The food stalls in the back or outside the market is worth your try because of its variety & tastiness.

Attractions around Ben Tkhô cứng Market

Do not forget to lớn pass by Ben Tkhô nóng Street Food Market which brings a sense of fresh air to diners, especially to lớn foreign travelers who wish to lớn explore the cuisine of local people. Ben Thanh khô Street Food Market is only 80 meters away from Ben Tkhô giòn Market, starting from the North Gate, opens from 19.00pm to lớn midnight. When visiting the food market, guests should try traditional Vietnamese dishes including bun ca Long Xuyen (noodle with fish), com tam la sen (Vietnamese broken rice wrapped in lotus leaf), bun mam (noodles with broth made of fermented fish), goi cuon (spring roll), chao tom (grilled shrimp mousse on a sugarcane stick) and grilled seafood, with prices starting from VND25,000 each. In addition, those who love street food delicacies of other Asian countries can experience many authentic dishes lượt thích Thai fried rice, Malaysian pancakes, Balinese coconut water, & Korean soft serve ice cream among others.

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Bui Vien Walking Street.

Bui Vien (the backpacker street) is not much further away và can also easily be reached by walk & the same can be said about Walking Street (Nguyen Hue) and other famous tourist sites of the city such as the City Hall, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, Opera House, War Museum, Reunification Palace, etc. The interior of these structures may be closed but they are a sight to behold at night with floodlights illuminating their cream-colored walls in the dark. The favorite thing lớn vày is walk around this area at night because the traffic is not congested and it is extremely relaxing. There is also just so much lớn see – so you can definitely make a good night out of it.

TIPS:– Visitors should also be wary of pickpockets.– Be careful with your personal belongings.– Do not buy the first thing you see.– Do not pre-determine a fixed price in your head before you start to lớn bargain.– Be prepared khổng lồ walk away from a khuyến mãi.– Ask questions about unique, original, warranty of goods or products etc.